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Safety in Malta

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Safety in Malta

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Malta is considered as one of the safest countries in the world with little in the way of violent crime or political disturbances.


Nearly all of the nightlife is concentrated in a small district called Paceville. This is where you need to be after dark in the summer. Everywhere is in close proximity to each other so itís easy to move from bar to bar.


No vaccinations are necessary to enter Malta, but precautions are necessary to protect yourself from the sunís rays in spring and summer. Don't forget to shield your skin with a high protection sunscreen. Ask a pharmacist for advice on the correct factor.


Pharmacies in Malta are open from Monday to Saturday but only a few are open on Sundays. Check your Sunday newspaper for nearest locations and closing times.


Malta has the least number of fatalities by population and the least number of fatalities per million passenger cars of any European nation. Tougher licensing requirements and speed cameras are improving driving standards.

Road Rules

 The urban speed limit is 50 kilometres per hour (30 mph), 80 kph (50 mph) on stretches of open road.

 Drive on the left lane.

 Do not stray across the centre white line.

 Everyone in the vehicle must wear a seatbelt.

 Drivers are not to use a mobile phone while driving.

 You must stop for all public transport including school buses, especially when school children and passengers are stepping into or out of a bus.

The drink/driving limit is low at .035. Depending on gender and body weight, this represents ONE standard drink only.

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